Since 2012, the Young Designers Program (YDP) has provided thousands of K­-12 students access to innovative, experiential education in the areas of solar technology, horticulture, design and engineering.

Given the extraordinary potential of the Lowline Lab as an interactive learning space, we have expanded and enhanced our Young Designers Program and integrated it with the Lowline Lab site. Through our enhanced inquiry-based curriculum, students will learn the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in the context of an exciting urban design project that is both tangible and relevant to their lives.    

Over the course of three hours, the classes build upon the core curricular components of solar technology, plant and soil science, and engineering design through educational interactive activities and engaged instruction from a teaching artist connecting the Lowline to the field of STEAM and to the local community. Using curriculum materials provided on site, youth will have the opportunity to craft their own STEAM-related projects and strengthen their presentation skills in the process.

Registration for the Young Designers Program at the Lowline Lab is currently closed. Students’ work will be documented and shared with the broader Lowline community in a public exhibition to be held in 2016.