Celebrating the Lowline Lab.

Although the Lab is closed, an even more exciting chapter for the Lowline is just beginning! Stay tuned for news and updates on the next steps in the Lowline’s journey, and opportunities to get involved.

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How can we build more green space in our cities?

What if the answer lay just below our feet?

See the Magic Behind the Lowline

Empowering Young Creators and Educating Local Students.

The Young Ambassadors Program gives scholarships, direct mentorship, and real-life work experience to local teens. The program follows our Young Designers Program, which taught over 3,000 students about the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) behind the Lowline.

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Creating a community and cultural space—designed and programmed by local residents and community members.

Live or work in the Lower East Side neighborhood? Help us shape this new public space in your backyard so that you can use it in the years to come.

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